4 Ways to Use Keyword Monitoring for Your GIF Marketing

Our Keyword Monitoring tool is simple, but robust in the many different ways you can use the tool. From research and planning, to competitive intelligence and organic content performance measurement - the Keyword Monitoring tool is flexible and useful during every step of your GIF marketing strategy. Below are four practical ways you can use the Keyword Monitoring tool.

Monitor your keyword real estate 

The Keyword Monitoring tool is great for easily monitoring your keyword real-estate at a glance. Once you're tracking desired keywords, you can automatically see the “rank” next to each keyword. If you have a GIF or GIFs ranking in the top 10 of search results, we show you your highest rank next to each keyword. This allows you to easily see if you are owning your branded keyword real-estate or any other desired keywords. At a glance, you’ll be able to report back to your team what keywords you’re owning on GIF search engines and in what position you are ranking.

By clicking on each individual keyword you are tracking, you can see a breakdown of the top 10 GIF ranking in organic search results for a given day. You can see the GIF rank, video preview, title, and name of the account that created the GIF. This allows you to understand not only where you are ranking, but monitor what user-generated content (UGC) is ranking or if any other brands are creating high-performing content for your target keywords.

Tracked Keywords in Keyword Monitoring

Get Inspiration

You may not know what types of GIF content you should create or how to approach your creative process. One of the best ways to get started is by tracking keywords that you would want your content to show up for in organic search results.

By doing this, you can see the top ranking GIFs for each of these keywords and get ideas for how to approach your own GIF creation. For example, you may notice that 8 out of 10 of the top GIFs for a specific keyword include a caption or text, from this you can infer that in order to give yourself the best chance to rank organically for this keyword, you should include text on your GIF. 

Do the top 10 GIFs for a target keyword show video content of real people or are they animated illustrations? Understanding these types of nuances can help you get inspiration and steer your content creation process in the right direction to give you a better chance to rank in the top of organic search results.

Spy on your competitors

You can use the Keyword Monitoring tool to keep tabs on your competitors and understand how they are performing in GIF search engines in a few different ways. The easiest way is to start tracking your competitors branded keywords. This way you can see their top branded content and see how this changes over time. By looking at branded keywords you can see what types of content they are creating, get updated on new campaigns, and see the best performing GIF for their own keywords. Is the top content for their branded keywords user-generated content or did they create it? Find out and understand what content shows up when people are searching for your competitor.

If you’re lucky, and your competitors may not have a GIF marketing presence yet. If this is the case, you should take advantage of this opportunity and create content with the intention of owning your competitors branded keyword real estate on GIF search engines. This is the holy grail of GIF marketing: a person searches for your competitor, and your brand shows up. 

You can also get insight into what your competitors are up to with their GIF marketing by tracking non-branded keywords related to your (and your competitor’s) products or services. For example, if you’re Pepsi you’ll want to track non-branded keywords like “soda” or “cola”. By tracking these keywords you can easily see if any of your soft drink competitors are ranking for any of those keywords and what their top performing GIF content looks like for the respective keywords. This can help you keep tabs on your competitors and get ideas for how to create similar GIF content that could outperform your competitor.

See where your content ranks and what other channels have top ranking content for your target keywords (Seth Meyers and Team Coco).

Inform your future creative

By understanding which of your GIF content ranks in the top of search results, you can learn what types of GIF content formats perform best for target keywords. You can use these insights to inform your future GIF campaigns. Did you content reach the top 10 in organic search results? How did you content fluctuate in organic ranking? Is there a certain day of the week your content ranks best? How can you replicate this with other keywords and GIFs? You can answer these types of questions by analyzing the top organic rankings over time. Find out what content performed best and do you best to replicate this to continue to own GIF search terms related to your brand so your content is there for consumers to share in their conversations and social media posts.

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