Private Listening: A Powerful Tool in Your Marketing Toolbelt

As a marketer, you actively monitor trending topics on social media channels. You want to stay on top of pop culture trends and make your brand a part of relevant cultural events and moments as they happen.

At Giflytics, we know the value of monitoring trends for social and digital teams. You probably view trending topics on Twitter and use social listening tools to understand what topics people are talking about publicly across your social channels so you can react. These tools are a great, and important part of a marketing tech stack for any brand. But they do leave a gap in your understanding of what people are actually talking about.

Traditional social listening tools only help you understand what topics the small vocal majority are talking about publicly on social channels. Trending topics on Twitter and other social channels can be misleading because they have a tendency to snowball and “Twitter mobs” can artificially make topics trend. With traditional social listening tools, you’re missing out on what the silent majority of people are actually talking about in their private conversations.

That’s why we created private listening tools to help marketers get a pulse on consumer conversations. Our private listening tools give you insights into trending topics within private messaging conversations between consumers in popular messaging apps like iMessage, WhatsApp, Slack, and many more. Private listening can help you catch topics you may have missed in your existing social listening stack and allow you to stay on top of trends and react in real-time across your digital and social strategies. We leverage the 1 billion daily active users who share GIFs in messaging apps to give a clear picture of what the majority of people are actually talking about.

Private listening - yes, it sounds scary. But we created our private listening tools to be ethical. We don’t monitor individual conversations in messaging apps. Instead, we monitor GIF search terms that people search for within private messaging conversations. This way, we aren’t looking at what people are saying, instead we are looking at what GIF search terms they are looking for to communicate with friends, family, and colleagues in messaging conversations.

This gives us a pulse on what types of content people are sharing at an hourly level and from this, we can understand trends in what people are talking about in their private conversations in messaging apps.

As a marketer, you can use our free Trend Stream tool to monitor trending topics in consumer conversations in messaging apps. Most marketers use this tool in addition to their social listening tools in daily scrum and planning meetings to get a pulse of what people are talking about each day and adjust their marketing strategy and creative in real-time.  

Our premium trend products include the ability to set trend alerts, so you can be notified the moment we detect a topic related to your brand is trending, so you can react immediately across your entire social strategy.

You can also receive detailed daily and weekly reports directly to your inbox that give you a summary of what topics were most talked about each week and day. 

Our research tools give you the ability to research topics you’re interested in and learn historically which days and times relevant keywords are most searched in GIF search engines. This can help you understand when people are most likely to be talking about topics related to your brand, and give you the ability to plan GIF marketing campaigns and adapt the targeting and timing of your existing social strategy.

If you're interested in learning more about our private listening tools or have further questions related to how to best utilize the Trend Stream tool, drop us a line -

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