The Top 10 Jim Halpert GIFs

It’s John Krasinski’s 40th birthday, and we got the perfect GIFt (well, actually 10). We ranked the top 10 Jim Halpert GIFs of all time using data on popular Jim GIFs from GIPHY and Tenor to create the list. Check out the top-performing, most popular Jim Halpert GIFs below.

10. Dwight Halpert

One of Jim’s best pranks of all time became one of the best GIFs from The Office. Jim’s impression was spot-on down to the shades of mustard in his shirt and tie. While it’s not a reaction GIF, it’s extremely popular with users that search for GIFs, of Jim and a great way to share your love of The Office with fellow fans. 

9. Please Stop 

One of the top-ranking GIFs for popular search terms like “stop” and “please stop”. Jim is in disbelief about the series of unfortunate events he recently experienced. It’s the perfect reaction GIF to share when things aren’t going your way. Cheer up Jim, better days are ahead. 

8. Ok Then *Sips Coffee* 

There are a lot of great Jim Halpert reaction GIFs. He was well known for looking at the camera and saying exactly what was on his mind without saying anything - his facial expressions said it all. This is the Jim GIF equivalent of the Kermit the Frog sipping tea meme. Use accordingly.

7. Hug from Michael

The legendary GIF of Jim getting tackled to the ground with a hug from Michael is the perfect way to express yourself when you need to show your friends and family how much they mean to you, or how thankful you are when someone does you a favor. This isn’t a soft, sensitive hug. This GIF says “I freaking love you man”. It’s one of the top GIFs for terms like “hug” and “tackle” which tends to peak in searches on weekends. With over 180 million views, this GIF has been responsible for strengthening “bromances” around the world. 

6. Shocked Jim

When you’re at a loss for words, reach for this GIF. Jim is so shocked and uncomfortable all he can do is shake his head and stare at the floor. We all have that one friend in the group chat that says the wrong thing at the wrong time or takes a joke too far. When you don’t know how to respond, Shocked Jim can do it for you. 

5. Embarrassed “Undercover Jim” 

When something is so embarrassing that a “Facepalm” GIF isn’t enough and you need to hide your entire body in shame, this is your GIF. Consistently one of the top 5 GIFs for popular search terms like “shame”, “hiding”, and “embarrassed”, Undercover Jim Halpert has helped more than 100 million people express themselves during some of their most awkward moments. 

4. Excited Yes

Jim mouthing “Yes” is the perfect GIF when you want to express your excitement but you’re not quite the “jumping up and down” or “screaming” type of excited. Clean and professional this GIF shows you’re excited, but also cool and collected - like Jim.  

3. Jim and Pam Air High Five 

This GIF is consistently ranked in the top 5 search results for “high five”, a highly searched and competitive keyword that tends to peak in usage on Thursdays. This is the perfect GIF not only for fans of The Office and the Jim & Pam relationship but it’s incredibly relatable for anyone who works wants to celebrate good news or a big win with a coworker. It’s no wonder this GIF has racked up over 210 million views. 

2. So Close

Jim has blessed us again with another GIF we can use in everyday life when words alone aren’t enough. This is consistently one of the top GIFs for search terms like “so close” and “almost”. This is no surprise, it’s the perfect GIF because Jim is showing empathy. He’s disappointed with your close, but not close enough, attempt. He was rooting for you to succeed. Better luck next time. 

1. Jim Smiling Through Blinds

Easily the most well-known Jim GIF thanks to the viral “Jim Halpert Smiling Through Blinds” meme. When people think funny Jim Halpert GIF, this is usually the first that comes to mind. It’s a favorite “creepy” GIF (yeah, it’s a thing). Jim is always watching you.

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